Coffee and cake

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I’ve tried my own medicine and coloured another one of the bible stories from the young people’s Bible knowledge book I drew picture for last year. Jesus is having coffee and cake with Zacchaeus and his wife.

Sakkeus v2

The fun part of colouring is that you can rejoice in sofa upholstery that you’d never allow into your own house.

Colouring-in witches

Colouring-in, Private client

I made some colouring-in pictures for Viole, 5… Witches! Referencing the fine Finnish tradition of ‘Easter witches’ and the previous day’s magic cauldron games. However, looks like I overestimated her desire to fill in little details in different colours.

Two colours is enough for this.

Two colours is enough for this.

Witch nr 1

Witch nr 1

And, with much less fiddling around, Witch Colouring nr 2.

And, with much less fiddling around, Witch nr 2.

Colouring-in pictures

Colouring-in, Finland, Suomi, Värityskuvat

As a birthday present for my god-daughter I made her some colouring-in pictures, featuring the birthday girl in various adventures. This was fun both for me and the recipient!
I’m also working on a set of colouring-in pictures for adults! Watch this space for more, and feel free to get in touch if you’d like some of your own!