Smoother lines, smoother moves

Inclusion, Sports and Development, Turkey, Vector graphics

The vector graphics are turning out nice… smooth as a pleasant workout. This pilates image is one of a series for the Social Inclusion through Sports programme’s end-of-project festivals, to be shown on the signs around the festival areas. These graphics can be blown up to the required size – a meter square – without looking pixelated.
Pilates compressed.jpg

For how many minutes can you hold the plank position?

Cycling cartoon

Comics, Sketch, Tanzania

One of my back burner projects is a comic about cycling in Dar es Salaam… Here’s a little preview, and meanwhile if you like the subject, you can join UWABA – the Dar cyclists’ association! (with more photos of this heroic organisation here.)

Familiar situation in Dar es Salaam

Familiar situation in Dar es Salaam