Sustainable coasts maps

Map draft – Mexico, to illustrate case studies in Baja California, Chetumal and Mexico City

These maps for a friend’s book draft came with the extra bonus that I got to read a few draft chapters about how Californians can enjoy their beaches now thanks to a peoples’ movement in the 70s, how Icelanders are managing their cod quotas and how Galician women are managing their estuaries to keep the shellfish coming.It’s been a real pleasure and a privilege. It was a pretty excting and positive read. Fingers crossed that it finds a publisher!

Meanwhile, here are some sketch versions of the maps. They’re done in nib and ink. Just imagine the book that includes puffins, otters, coral reefs, electronic fish quota swaps, a successful protest movement, whales, divers, adapting tradition, clams and abalone. You want to read it right? Yes!!

A map draft: Fiji.
Grey whale off Baja California.
Women harvesting mussels – and managing their mussel beds – in Galicia.
Cod - torsk - bacalao
Cod – torsk – bacalao
Other fishermen
Icelandic fishermen

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