Start with Sports: Disabled Inclusion


The project ‘Start with Sports’ in Eastern Turkey also includes a module on disabled inclusion. It was both enlightening, inspiring and a lot of fun to draw these images for the training booklet! Turns out there are loads of games out there that don’t just level the playing field between able-bodied and disabled kids – but things like goalball where the disabled persons have an advantage.

Thanks are due to the Finnish Invalidiliitto for the original version of the booklet ‘Ota Minut Mukaan’ – we adapted some of the images for the Eastern Turkish situation.

Rojda: MMS

The character ‘Rojda’ in the ‘Take me With You’ disabled inclusion booklet has a congenital spine injury, meningomyelocele or MMC.

The character Ömer has Down’s syndrome

The character Rohat is philosophical, bilingual and partially sighted.

A warmup game where one team has to tip over bottles half-filled with sand – and the other team has to raise them up again.

Goalball detail

Goalball is a sport where blindfolded team members chase a ball with bells inside. Obviously easier for blind or partially sighted people who have much more practice!

Detail: adapted obstacle course

Detail: an adapted obstacle course where people with different abilities can choose the best option for jumping, somersaulting or rolling.

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