San Cristobal colouring book

Colouring book hot off the press!

This is a very exciting project for me – something I’ve been chipping away at for several years – an expression of the visual marvels of my adopted home town, San Cristóbal de las Casas in Mexico. “Sancris” as it’s known has an abundance of picturesque detail just in its streets and squares: multicoloured colonial-style houses, indigenous inhabitants in embroidered dress, dignified ladies in shawls, skilful graffiti, hippies with spectacular clothes and tattoos, imposing churches, two gangs of breakdancers… The more I look the more I want to draw it. This colouring-in book is a way to share the joy over the Sancris street visuals.

The book is sold in independent bookshops in San Cristóbal, order it online or contact me to get a copy . You can also buy the print-at-home book here on my Gumroad store! Both the printed and PDF books cost MX$150, or about USD$7.

These are the images in the book:

  • Colonial streets – go crazy with façade colour combinations, roof dogs and fancy ironwork
  • Toy-hawker, kids and parents in front of the Cathedral
  • Three hippies complete with tattoos, drums and dogs
  • Three ladies: coleta, tourist and Chamula
  • Traditional felt animals (including lizard, lion and flamingo)
  • Closeup of the candies in a sweets-seller’s box
  • La Merced plaza with breakdancers and dog-walkers
  • Guess-the-owner based on typical Sancris shoes
  • Felt souvenirs (hearts and stars)
  • Arco del Carmen with a Zinacantan family in their embroidered finery
  • People wearing animal hats on a cold evening
  • A typical house complete with grandparents, mini-shop and flower pots
  • A merry-go-round with kids and young people riding lions, dolphins and snakes
  • A street scene featuring a fruit hawker, a whole family on a vespa, and passersby in front of a corner shop and a butcher’s.

Read more about the 15 images, my drawing process and the real-life things that inspired them:

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