My nearest and dearest get to enjoy illustrated presents. If they’re to your liking, I’d be delighted to customise similar things for you too!

1. Mother’s Day paper doll
My siblings and I collaborated on a paper doll of mum, with outfits that she likes in real life… or imaginary ones. This was fun since all of us contributed, siblings, inlaws and nieces. Even though we live in different places, we delivered the PDF files to be printed at home by dad on stiff paper… and my sister-in-law glued the doll to a strong magnet so mum and her outfits can be displayed on the fridge door, as befits kids’ art. This could be taken further by printing everything on a thin magnetic sheet, making it easier to change outfits.

2. Ex Libris stamp
My husband owns many books and he asked for an Ex Libris stamp for his birthday. I made him some sketches and we developed the design together, even though it meant that I lost the element of surprise. The element of satisfaction is more important! I had the stamp made at one of San Cristóbal’s several rubber stamp shops.

3. Personalising an online gift
In order to get that element of surprise, I gave my husband another present: an upgrade to Spotify Premium to stop the regular comments by Spotify’s friendly-enough-sounding, yet enervating, adverts guy. To make it a bit more personal than just a pop-up in the app saying “You now have Premium!”, I made him an accompanying card:

Spotify card

Spotify Premium card.

4. Personalised colouring-in pages
Favourites with small girls: colouring-in pages featuring themselves in magical or adventurous situations. I’ve made these for nieces and god-daughters to good effect, and they can be revealed at birthday parties for example, letting everyone colour in the birthday girl/boy…

If you’d like to buy colouring-in pages or commission a gift, get in touch on !

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