Dar Capoeira

After a day’s work as development policy officer with its world of budget analysis, policy research and moral and technical support for our partners, running the capoeira club Dar Capoeira was a mixture of fun, hard exercise and applying our capacity development lessons to a real-life small organisation. I had to work on teaching for different levels, advertising for the most sustainable groups of students, balancing the budget, motivating the best students to take responsibility, delegate instrument-building wokshops, stay in touch with the Brazilian Embassy… and design the t-shirts and logo! Most capoeira groups have an annual grading ceremony and although we didn’t grade, we made sure to celebrate and recognise progress.
Here are some images, the logo and t-shirts in action on the beach!

The people drawn are: group member Mateo choosing wood for berimbaus. Masataka got to be the model for the trickiest part of building berimbaus – twisting the loops on the wire. These drawings went on our second anniversary t-shirt (see below, modelled by Dar Capoeira members!)

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