Working with me

When we plan your illustration project, our goal is to enhance your message – be it by creating clearer diagrams, presenting abstract ideas visually, boosting the effect of your key points, or simply to add attractive artwork to catch your audience’s attention. The outputs you receive are typically print-ready image files, but I can also draw live at your event to enliven presentations (graphic recording).

We usually start with a meeting where we discuss what you want, and draft a terms of reference (ToRs). Based on the ToRs I’ll send you sketches for comment – at this stage we can make big changes. I’ll incorporate the feedback into the second round of sketches for your final inputs. Once I have the green light, I’ll create the near-final images – at this point, we can make tweaks. When you are happy I’ll deliver the high-resolution images and we sign off. Since you commission the images, you retain the copyright, but I reserve the right to use parts of the images in my portfolio.

I charge by project, using a base rate of €250 per day (plus Mexican VAT, 16%). The cost of the project depends on image quantity, intricacy and colour; whether there is research involved; whether you’ll use the images for several types of materials; and how many revisions you’d like. If we’re not sure how big the job will be, we can agree a basic project rate plus an “overflow” daily rate if the project grows. I’m flexible about these arrangements – in the end, the main thing is that you’re happy with the results.

To prepare, it helps if you think about the message you want to convey, your audience, the output (book, booklet, presentation, website, brochure?), your timeline and budget, any examples of what you have in mind, anything you don’t want, and your graphic designer’s requirements (image resolution and format).

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